Items to be Grilled: Breads (5)

Though I will die without rice and I can easily forget the existence of bread, I know that there are many people who will be lost without them so I dedicated a category just for that. Yes a post on its own is necessary because of the different breads there are and because of the different ways it can be done and ways it can be appreciated. It is an impossible feat to actually enumerate most of the breads there are but let me try?

1 – pandesal/pan/baguettes/croutons/garlic bread – These basic ones are quite versatile. You can use them for canapes, you can mix them with salads, pair them with pasta or put toppings of grilled meat/grilled cheese/grilled vegetables.

2 – ciabata and focacia – These sound lovely for Greek/Italian grilling affairs. Actually just grilling it and dipping it in oils or cheese or other sauces already sound gastronomic. Make gourmet sandwiches and grill it right there. Guests can even do their own if you choose to put up a sandwich making station. Don’t forget condiments!

3 – sesame buns/hotdog buns are best paired with burgers and hotdogs for an American backyard cookout. If you want a foot-long, enjoy! This will not be complete without chili&beans, onions&pickles, mustard&ketchup, jalapenos&cheeses and other mean mean matchups.

4 – tortilla/pita/naan – Oh exotic options for flavorful marinades with chili, turmeric, curries and cinnamon. What, you were thinking of using pandesal for that?!

5 – pizza – Do yourself a favor and get those instant crusts. You can even get a metal cover so that cheese will melt and vegetables will cook faster. Thick crusts I think are a bad idea so stick with thin ones.


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