Fancy Market: The friendliest that is Centris

Centris, so far is the friendliest among all the fancy markets that I’ve visited for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is the most accessible compared to Banchetto, Mercato and Salcedo which means you already saved for cab fare and you don’t worry about getting stressed due to heavy traffic. Secondly, like Banchetto it also serves singles which means you will not be forced to order a big serving for most of the fare. Next, the food selection and other stuff stalls had to offer I believe, is the widest.

They have a train, a carousel and a huge lot where kids can run about. They have air-conditioned restaurants around the area so if you are too uncomfortable with the heat or the crowd, you can choose to have a short break there. Actually, I dunno what else to ask for.

Friendly, also has its downsides. For instance, since the food fare is very familiar maybe I saw 3-5 tents that sell Isaw. I saw around the same number for those that sell sisig/liempo/kare-kare and any of those classic main dishes. The advantage is that you will never have to fall in line too long to have your food. The disadvantage is, well, it may seem redundant to people who went there expecting a gastronomic adventure.

Still it is something. What I love about fancy markets is (1) you are not inside a mall and (2) you are not inside a mall! It’s a different experience right away. Your friends or your family do not exactly have to agree on which restaurant to eat at because each can have whatever they want. It’s like food court but classy and healthy or so I thought.

peanut butter, coconut sugar, muscovado, kesong puti, Greek yoghurt oh the long list goes on

Thai products where I got my crispy pork that I made into pomelo salad a couple of days back. Hmmm, I think I’m gonna get more of that.

Ah! Fresh produce! This, I think is the only market where you can find enough ingredients to actually prepare something that you’d normally have at home. What I mean is that other organic markets aren’t any good because the types of food you can buy are not enough to actually cook a dish you’d cook at home. For instance, if a stall only sells capsicums and lettuce how often will you use them in your everyday recipes and how often will you come back for more?

I dunno why but when we went there, I stuck with basics and I didn’t have anything flashy. I suppose it was because of the terrible sneezing spree I had that day.

this one I believe is Churros con chocolate. The truth is that I haven’t touched their desserts other than coffee if you’d consider it that. Anyway, the desserts were I think quite ordinary. However with the quantity and the variety, perhaps sweet lovers will still enjoy. I saw towers of packed cakes. There were classic delicacies such as ricecakes, pastillas de leche, ube and pastries. and of course there were a lot of beverages that you can enjoy.

I’ve been there only once because I can’t on Sundays at the moment because of B-League games but as soon as the championship is over, you bet I’ll be there with my family munching away and snapping pictures away.

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