Binondo: Estero

So I finally got try out Estero with my Sikhay ng my parents. It’s surprising that most people, even the tricycle/kalesa/pedicab drivers, don’t have an idea where it is. Well, I also don’t know where it is despite going to Binondo a couple of times. I was just lucky that my parents were there. Anyway, the food was not at all fancy. I mean there wasn’t anything to rave about any of the stuff we ordered. What was shocking to me was how much it cost. We ordered 5 different viands and we got a bill of 500. That is still something these days right? right.



















tofu, squid in szechuan, garlic frog’s legs, hototay and spareribs in taosi (no picture)

Sikhay and Phil had their first kalesa ride (hopefully the last). I hope they enjoyed it because I sure didn’t. Blame it on reading Black Beauty, I’ll never enjoy a horse ride ever again (except maybe when I know they are cared for like those frosted celebrity miniature dogs).

anyway, this photo sums up the trip. Estero cat made it worth it!

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