stopping for coffee: 24 hour Filling Station

I needed coffee. Yes, that is exactly the word I wanted. And because we went all the way to Makati for a gig, I won’t settle for Starbucks or any of those conventional coffee shops. We went round and round until we saw a cozy nook. Little did we know that that cozy nook was merely the take out counter and there is a restaurant upstairs. Sweet.

Phil ordered Irish coffee (something that I did not want to order and I was right. hahaha). I ordered iced brewed coffee and caramel mac that I mixed together because right now I am super addicted to double and triple shots with lots of flavor and cups like that. I also ordered mango freeze and while I was eating it, I convinced another guest to try it out. Either it’s that good, it’s that appetizing or I ate with much gusto. It’s one of those restos that is probably a bit overpriced but I think we’ll try their breakfast one of these days because I want to take shots of the whole lot and because I love 24 hour joints.

This guy, flirts like mad. haha. my type.

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