Banapple – Sweet!

After several trips to Banapple ordering nothing but cakes, I thought about trying their meals out. Initially I did not want to because… well… since their specialty is desserts specifically pies and cakes, you really shouldn’t expect much from others that they offer. I could be wrong but oftentimes, it’s wrong to have a meal in a coffee shop just like it’s wrong to expect much from a coffee you ordered in a restaurant. Anyway it wasn’t that bad because I wasn’t the one who paid the bill. haha!


Most of the viands were too rich so I do not really recommend it unless you’re the gourmand type who loves Jollibee spaghetti with overflowing cheese if you know what I mean. Anyway, the soup became manageable after adding chili flakes. Actually, it became addicting. As for the salad, it’s much too sweet. The caramelized nut or whatever it is that’s making my Caesar salad sweet is too much so they should lessen it or at least put it on the side so we can have a choice. The chicken viand was also very rich and you know items from the menu should vary. I mean if everything is rich then you will definitely feel bloated afterwards. What I thought was wonderful was their classic macaroni and cheese. Yes it was creamy but it was just right unlike the first ones I mentioned.

I think I’ll be back though. I mean they open early. They have food and dessert and their place is pretty.


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