Picture Perfect: Banapple Katipunan

I finally promised myself that I would taste, take pictures of and blog about cakes for other people’s sake. I mean, even if I am no sweet tooth, others actually can’t live without their dose of sugar after every meal so that’s gotta be something right? Banapple is the first thing that came to my mind because everyone else was raving about it.

These are actually Malaine’s and Cris’ orders that I just tasted. (I just had Bicol Express with triple trips to the rice cooker so you can imagine how full I was) That’s Cris down there. She’s as sweet as Banapple’s interiors don’t you think?

Downstairs it is very crowded and noisy and if you do not secure a decent table you will end up in the area where people are lining up to order. It’s bad. Meanwhile it’s very spacious upstairs but as people are addicted to air conditioning, none seem to appreciate the candy colored space on the second floor. I suggest to drop by late in the afternoon so you can enjoy your meals and desserts upstairs and it won’t be too hot.

That’s Malaine and Cris and yes the apple shirt is no accident. (ugh, those are ugly pictures of cakes! not at all appetizing, I need some practice.)

As for desserts, better to share so that you get to try a lot. Maybe visit with a sweet tooth so you can just give the person your leftovers or something. My favorite right now is Coffee Toffee Roca Pie (I just had to look that up!) because of its coffee undertones and because it’s not as sweet as their Banofee pie. I actually like Starbucks’ but it’s so expensive! and such a little portion but just right for me hahaha! (this post is like super antique so I have to upload! haha!)

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