Items to be Grilled: Seafood (5)

The taste of seafood brings you to another place that people like the idea of having lots of ’em on their grill. They are not as sinful as beef and maybe they are not as expensive as steaks. It would be more complicated to keep these fresh than meats but it certainly does a lot to the feel of the barbecue affair.

  1. Prawns/Shrimps – The rich and slightly sweet taste of perfectly grilled prawns is just too good to be missed. This is my favorite so it’s hard not to be biased. Whether it is just plain/with garlic and chili/with vinegar and sugar, it is just oh-so-good to grill. However, it is not that friendly. Many will not be able to afford it and perhaps that is exactly the reason why it seems so special. Another concern is that someone would have to remove the shell which is very tedious for some. If it is before grilling then it would mean more work for the cook and if it is after grilling then it would mean the guests would have to remove the shell before they can enjoy eating it.
  2. Squid – It is not a wonder that squid is a favorite grill item because it tastes like the sea just as prawns/shrimps do but you can get it at a cheaper price. Compared to fish, it is not very messy to eat and it is usually more flavorful. If it is small enough you can have one or more in a skewer and if it is too big you can cut it into smaller pieces ala kebab or ala Thai street food. Again, the taste depends on the marinade so think about the theme and stick with it.
  3. Fish- Think tanigue (Spanish mackerel), Tilapia, lapu-lapu (grouper), hito (catfish), salmon, cream dory and the list goes on. Some simply rub salt onto the fish while others put some tomatoes, onions, gingers and other aromatic herbs. You can of course grill other kinds of fish but think twice about those that have bones because we don’t want guests having a hard time in eating what we serve. It can be a bit tricky to cook it thoroughly without burning it so you can also consider wrapping it in pechay leaves or other vegetables so that those are the ones that can be charred while grilling.
  4. Fillets (Fish) –  The other way to grill fish is wrapped in a foil. This can be done with salmon belly, salmon fillet, cream dory fillet, tuna fillet and others. Throw in a slice of citrus fruit, some butter, some spices and salt all you have to do is wait for it to flake and it’s ready.
  5. Shells – Most people will probably overlook this because they would rather eat it “kinilaw” or they would completely skip it. It is perfectly understandable because it requires so much work to put each shell on the grill and wait for each to pop open before serving it to guests who will only devour one in a blink of an eye. But it is also a medley of flavors so if guests are so into seafood, they would go gaga over grilled shells. You can prepare garlic&cheese or oil&lemon&chili so you can put those over them.  (Now I did not put lobster and crab because it just sounds so absurd for a laid back cookout!)

*check out other items to be grilled and cheat sheets for a grilling affair

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