Old Swiss Inn at Manila (First Fondue!)

I turned 29.

Goulash and pieces of toasted bread

Well actually it’s not my first fondue because I’ve tried chocolate fondues and yes, a cheese fondue or two as a part of some elaborate buffet but you know what I mean right? I have been wanting to go to Old Swiss Inn not really just because of the fondue but because I am rather interested with how long it has been around. Thus, I kinda expected that I would love the interiors. I dunno who told me and I dunno where I saw it. It was too long ago. but I knew that I wanted to see it for my self and of course when you go see it you just have to smell it and taste it as well otherwise it wouldn’t be as warm as you hoped it would be. (Been a while since I last wrote anything here so I suppose I should ask pardon for my lyrical wordings. cannot. possibly. help it. )

I am not a cheese person but for my 29th all I have been thinking about is a basket of cheeses. I wanted to try a lot and I wanted to eat em with fruits, breads and wine. well, that did not happen so when I thought about an alternative I said fondue. i suppose old swiss inn is the nearest to “cheese” or am I wrong? Anyway, I had another agenda which was to take a peek at Paco Park because of Rizal and of course just because it’s plain pretty. but that also did not happen because it was raining cats and dogs when we went there. so we stayed indoors, and made ourselves warm with beer fondue goulash and steak. oh I love good food, slow and quiet meals and doing something for the first time.

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