Fancy Market: Mercato

This post has been long overdue so for now I’ll flood it with photos and if I have time I’ll be back with the juicy details!

Mercato is near Phil’s office so it wasn’t too long before we had to drop by. So far we’ve been there four times; twice with Mitzi and Don. once with Mylin, Irene and Toto and once by ourselves. So please don’t try to eat all of these in one go. I collected all the photos of what we tried so that people will have an idea what kind of goods they have there.


This is one of the roast beef stalls that we ended up ordering again in our other visits.

The small helpings include takoyaki balls, open taco and squid.


I’m not exactly a fan of burgers but anyway there were about three or four stalls with different versions of burgers. Burger lovers would surely enjoy trying each and every viand every visit especially if they want something new.

This is a kind of fish wrapped in bacon with some garnishes

Those who are fans of gata and vegetables would also enjoy laing and other spicy delights in one of the tents.


I’ve heard of such burgers being available for baseball games and football games but anyway I was glad to try this sweet and savory burger that use krispy kreme as a bun. I think all of those that they picked out including the type of ham and type of cheese complimented the burger and the “bun”.

I would definitely try this one out again.

sinful bagnet, longganiza and corned beef sinigang


We brought home homemade ravioli but I found it too cheesy. Phil on the other hand enjoyed it very much.

The two kinds of kebab (chicken and beef) were not very good because they were too greasy. I think the base of their marinade is cooking oil and maybe they didn’t heat it long enough. I’m not sure but it wasn’t a good snack.


Angus beef tapa

La paz batchoy with egg

Oh and fresh produce!

Did I say organic?

and here’s to sweet endings a sampler of truffles. I rarely try out sweets but I did enjoy the vegan chocolate cake from low cal in one of the tents.

share the pleasures! Lovely.


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