Cafe Juanita, A dish and A corner at a time

Revisiting Cafe Juanita for lunch with Phil, my mindset was that I should focus. I have visited the cafe portion of the restaurant before so I kind of had an idea what to expect. I actually planned it and I thought I shouldn’t try to take it all in one gulp. Firstly, because it would take forever and secondly because I also want to enjoy my food.  If I clicked away and took pictures of everything I found interesting then maybe Phil would hate me for not experiencing it with him. So I promised myself I would look only as far as my eyes could see, snap a few and eat leisurely.

I got an order of Sole while Phil ordered Bagnet salad. Both were wonderfully satisfying and delectable. What’s weird is that the viands seem simple. I am familiar of the ingredients or the spice used but still how the dish came together was magical. It was sad that there were only two of us. If we went there with a bigger group then we could have sampled more dishes.


The place was huge. There were so many chandeliers and I lost count of items I want and items I want to take photos of. I forgot to take a picture of myself and I forgot to take a picture of Phil! haha. As promised, I did not fully explore it so I’ll definitely be back (hopefully with Pa so I don’t have to worry about the bill.) The only really bad thing about it is not even the price. It’s still the staff and service. I was thinking that maybe because it is the regular hours they will be more welcoming but I was wrong. They were all in a hurry. There were no smiles or greetings. It takes forever to get their attention. I recommend going there very early to get a head start. At least when you wait forever to get your bill, you are already full.

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