Korean Barbecue: A first!

Perhaps most of us wouldn’t have an idea what these are called but we all love them because these side dishes often come free with ordering a main course from  a Korean restaurant.

I’ve always hated Korean food so it is a wonder why I forced visiting one before 2010 ended. Anyway, up until 2009 I did not touch any of their food until I was forced to try Kimchi and loved it. That same day, I tried cooking Tok Po gi, (something that I don’t really know how to spell so do help me out) with about 10 of my students. They told me that it is a delightful yet simple dish fit for the kings. After eating they took it back and told me that it is the basic street food in Korea. What did I think about it? It was phenomenal of course probably because it is something different and of course because it was oh so spicy! So after that I always ate Kimchi with our Nilagang baka. I did try cooking tok po gi again but failed. It wasn’t until late 2010 that I finally tried Korean barbecue. Well I just love being a late bloomer… wink

It is unfortunate that I was not able to catch the name of this resto so all I can do is tell you that it can be found outside metrowalk when you walk towards… wait I’ll ask phil or you go ahead and ask him yourself. hahaha.

So basically, the reason behind me not being experimental with Korean food is that aside from the foreign red pepper sauce that let’s face it is too spicy for Filipino taste I kind of hate sweetish dishes. And as most would be recommending Bulgogee that is almost always sweet, the rest is oh fect why do I always tell long stories… huhuhu

so the reason why I wanted to try Korean food is none other than their grill which is very close to the Cambodian BBQ that also made use of charcoal or so I thought. I recommend it for people who are not so experimental. It is the first step in loving Korean food. As it is cooked plain in front of you, you can have your way with how much garlic or how much sauce you can manage. You can barbecue pork, beef or fish or any other you see on the menu depending on the restaurant. Whether or not you want to wrap it in aromatic or plain old lettuce leaves is up to you.

and a Korean restaurant finally is added to the list of what to eat whenever I don’t feel like cooking. Koreans I know have expressed that our Filipino food is too oily and salty too salty so from there expect that you will find their dishes a little bit bland.

My final verdict. I’m very much satisfied.

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