Rock’s Day Late Celebration

Jack Daniel’s Steak Sauce + Phil&Rock +Rock’s drink

It’s September 7. Told you we just needed an excuse to feast and splurge. Ever since Kris’ steaks, I’ve been so excited of having my own steak party. I guess I have  been interested but I was always worried that it’s gonna be expensive. I experiment with so many items but I don’t do much when it comes to costly goods. I’m thinking of how wasteful it’s gonna be if I failed so I always postponed it for another time. It was nothing fancy. We did not worry about marinades and exotic spices. From Kris’ tip, just put on the grill/ on the stovetop and just let people deal with their own condiments. The surprise here was that Rocky also did some “cooking”. Fact was he did most of the lamb chops and I only had to cook beef.

that’s the pail that doubled as cooler + beer!

t-bone + mashed potatoes

1-rub some spices 2-put it on the grill 3-eat it

(I didn’t want to put up every shot but just so you know how much we love rock, there were 6 slices of T-bone and about 10 slices of lambchops)

I can’t wait to have another one. Maybe the next time would be all char-grilled.

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