Sunday Lunch c/o Kris, Oliver and Family

I really loved it that there was a generous helping of salad especially that I know of how sinful the others were gonna be.

This  actually has 2 kinds of salads mixed on a platter.


This serving of mac and cheese was so cheesy that when I brought it home, I used it as a spread. It was very good!

they use this food warmer. it’s cute and effective.

below is my first  serving (harhar)

I think sweet tooths would absolutely love this delight but I forgot to ask Kris what it’s called. I shall do that later and post it here.

Thank you for the very fulfulling Sunday morning and heavy lunch!


aside from taking home the leftovers (because they probably served for a party of 6)we also got to bring home this 6-pack of cream soda and root beer with twistable caps and pretty bottles that would end up somewhere inside my cramped room long after the soda has dried.

why did they feed us? find out by doing clicketyclick here soon —> *

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