The Collective: At Long Last

Let us rejoice for welcoming shopkeepers who gladly entertain questions, smile at jokes and nod in approval for taking as many pictures as you want. Cheers!

If every shop is like that, maybe I’d be a shopaholic. Yes it was weird that the hodgepodge of goodies were packed in that small space that smelled like a spa but since we stayed outside, that didn’t really matter. Phil had iced brewed coffee. I went for the usual hot cup despite the oven-like atmosphere and Evan had the old school vanilla sorbet. Nothing out of the ordinary but don’t blame them, my coffee experience has been all brewed these days.

So we went to The Collective. I am quite apologetic of the reason behind my curiosity. It’s just that the moment I saw the feature from Preview all I could think of is Cubao X. Apparently, they hate being compared to MKNA shoe expo. Well, they’re a little bit more expensive and they don’t have Bellini’s so maybe it is MKNA shoe expo that should be insulted. hahaha! Seriously though I like it that concept shops are popping up like mushrooms. It does not matter if they are cheap or expensive. rip off or not. As long as creativity is pouring, it’s all good. Pub street flashed through my mind but The Collective seemed to lack hearty restos so they should work on that. I loved atmosphere with the exception of the poor ventilation. I think they are expecting people to dress fancy granted they’re in Makati but people will melt with the level of humidity. We were perspiring like mad and my getup wasn’t even full blown. They should certainly address that unless they have been planning to keep people inside the shops in which case the warehouse feel is pointless.

I didn’t check out most of the shops though many seemed cute or mysterious enough to get me interested. It’s just me and my easily intimidated self. Each shop deserves a visit or two. Perhaps it would be a good idea to drop by around December or early next year so it would not be too hot. I’ll still try to go back for some noodles and for checking out the other shops.

this oddly looks familiar. or am I that outdated?

to be continued…

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  1. What was I looking at? Hahaha


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