Corner Tree Cafe at Makati (Vegetarian)

Spinach Croquettes

That there is the only helping we had that is not exactly purely vegetarian. Can you believe it?

If you know Phil, you probably won’t. This appetizer, I think, would be good enough as a main dish. Loved the harissa as well. We ordered it because the brat couldn’t wait. We actually paired it with corn bread that we finished before I remembered to do that thing I do with my forefinger. That is probably what I’ll have with some potatoes/rice/pasta/bread if ever I’m brave enough to visit Makati again.

I was looking for a vegan joint because after Greens, I thought most would probably be as good if not better. I was eyeing Wabi Sabi at The Collective but I don’t really fancy noodles for a full meal. I think of that more as a snack than dinner. Just like any other web-based person, I scoured for vegan joints online and this was the closest to what I had in mind. I was shying away from these joints for the longest time because… well, before the goods were either pretending to be meat or so costly like going vegan is only for the elite. Well this joint isn’t exactly cheap but it won’t be too long before others would think of ways to make vegetarians food lovers again.

Corner Tree Cafe served wonderful meals. The service was exceptional (Did I mention I love their candleholder? -got a missing photo of that. darn! ). The place was so cozy and it seemed exactly like what it is named. I’ve yet to photograph it in the morning so that must mean I want to go back. It must be prettier but the night stole only little of its faerie dust. Of course I’m going back. So far it is the only vegetarian joint I’ve been to that has an impressive variety. The ones we ordered were different from each other so I know that many of the items won’t just be another version of the recipe or was I just lucky?

Vegan Kofta for Phil. I love it!

Tofu Asparagus Teriyaki for Evan. I love it!

African Vegetable Stew. It was okay.

We shared all three viands. I like it like that!

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