5: Quick Savory Crackers

If you ever bought saltine crackers like Sky Flakes and found it a little bit too plain, then you probably have tried making spreads and toppings to make it better. Although there are many readily made spreads available in sachets, you know that everything that is good is freshly made. Besides, preparing it yourself will actually make it more appetizing. You can choose what you put in and you’ll never have to live with something that is too sour or whatever. If you plan to entertain, these would also be good as appetizers. Choose something that is kid friendly and you can do it with the help of a little one. It would be a good introduction to the kitchen or just something to do for a kid who is bored. Of course there are many others but these are my best bets.

5-tomato sauce + chopped garlic + onion (as in like pizza) – chop onion and garlic/stir in tomato sauce/add seasoning (salt+pepper+oregano+cayenne)

4-cream cheese + basil leaf + tomato (as in like Forces of Gayuma) – spread cream cheese/put a thin slice of tomato/top with basil leaf
3- mayo + apple + onion (as in like  waldorf salad) – chop apple and onion/stir in mayo/add seasoning (salt+black or white pepper+mustard)
2-mayo + cheese + wasabi (like Japan!) – chop ordinary cheese/stir in mayo with wasabi/add seasoning
1-cheese + jalapeno + apple slice (Mexican with a twist) – thinly sliced good cheese, apple & jalapeno on top of each other/drizzle olive oil/black pepper or cayenne

Vegetarian cream can be used as a substitute for mayo. Pair with juice, beer, wine or light cocktails. cheers!

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