5: Fancy Sweet Crackers

If I have a set for savory crackers, there should also be one dedicated for those who love sweets. I thought about both sets when I was planning for a little something where I needed light snacks that are cheap yet not so ordinary. This time instead of saltine crackers you can use Graham but yeah you can use it with any other bread except those that have very strong spice or taste.

5 – whipped cream + sliced strawberries/mango/banana + chocolate syrup – Layer the cracker with cream/layer with sliced fruit/drizzle with chocolate syrup (you can also use confectioner’s sugar/caramel syrup/maple syrup for variations)

4 – chocolate hazelnut spread + almonds – This does not need no explaining. Just spread and add toppings. If you want you can put a dash of cinnamon. This is a little bit expensive but you can use an alternative for the choco spread.

3 – Kaya spread + mango bits – The mango serves as a contrast to the sweetness of Kaya spread.

2 – banana + langka + leche flan – Layer slices of bananas and put in a bit of langka for flavoring. The sweetness can be from leche flan, thin caramelized sugar, muscovado and coconut shavings or sauces and syrups.

1 – marshmallow + chocolate bits + chopped nuts – Oh the wonderful word and world of s’mores. Of all the viands here, this is the only one that requires heating. First, heat the graham crackers and a piece of marshmallow so that other toppings would have something to hold them. put in more marshmallows, add chocolate bits and variety of nuts. You can also put in another piece of graham so that it looks more like a sandwich. After that, grill s’more because you won’t be able to resist it. You can also use chocolate syrup in place of chocolate bits. And you can further dress it up with nougat, caramel sauce, cinnamon and more!

There, not as simple as I have hoped but surely you can modify and make it something more suitable for your taste. Serve it with coffee, tea or milk and enjoy with family, friends or alone with a book.

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