5: Things you can mix with your coffee

Black coffee speaks for itself don’t you think? But shall we see how much we have yet to taste…

5- sugar
Think again if you think sugar won’t change anything. Play around with white, brown, unprocessed, muscovado, maple syrup, caramel and other syrupy sweets

4-type of milk
Do it with soya, non-dairy creamer, full cream milk, condensed milk, carabao’s milk or half and half and any other creamy goodness that you fancy)

3-flavored syrup
The great thing about coffee going mainstream is that there are now many bottles of flavored syrups. You can find those at coffee shops, gourmet markets and even supermarkets. There are smaller variations for those who have a limited budget. For those who really want to try something that does not come in cheaper helpings, they can ask their coffee loving friends to split it just so they can try it.

2-powder and spice
Choose from chocolate, mocha, white mocha and a big etc. Try salt, butter, cinnamon, cayenne, it can even be labuyo if that’s your thing. The key is a little kick and not throwing off the coffee flavor. Just a little bit and you will be good to go.

The truth is that there are no rules here. Try something classic, something minty, something exotic and something really bizaare!

Mix and match any. Try it with different kinds of coffee. Try it hot or cold. Put that cute and expensive cup or mug you bought into use.
You just might discover something that you can turn into a tradition. (I love it when I am raving. it’s like a long eureka!)

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