It’s official. I now have 10 posts not counting the introductions. Well, I’m happy. I think it calls for a celebration. haha! It’s not like I am going to rave every after 10 entries I post here. I’m just glad that it looks like I won’t be abandoning the space any  time soon.

I do not only try food  joints. I also try my hand in whipping up this and that. I am particularly proud this year because I was finally able to try out some Filipino/Spanish dishes. I happen to think that those are the real deal. Before I experimented with a number of side dishes, grilling, pastas, soups and salads. I thought some of them were really good but I think they’re much too simple to be considered as a specialty. With the help of Tita Maxine, I got to do some hardcore homecooking! Kaldereta was the first. It is still far from Phil’s mom’s version but it is pretty close. I also added some bits so that I can call it my own.

Kaldereta: beef, potatoes, carrots, pickles, cloves, garlic, chilis, tomato sauce, liverspread, olives (optional)

This was followed by Binagoongang Baboy that basically comprised of pork, bagoong and vinegar. I also tried preparing Adobong Hilaw which is just chicken, pork, vinegar and salt. Next was the classic Bistek Tagalog with beef sirloin, soy sauce and lots of onions. I have been trying to prepare the perfect Tapa all these time and have been unsuccessful. Tita Maxine showed me once and I think it’s probably just about 3 more attempts before I can confidently say that I got it. I also learned the plain old arroz caldo, a simple cilantro salsa and eggplant and banana salad. If all else works as planned, I’m gonna learn to cook Bistek Aleman, Callos and the dreaded workout that is Morcon. Honestly, I cannot wait!

I will probably put the ingredients here one bit at a time. I plan to write it on a good looking piece of paper, take a shot of it before posting it here. Oh am I excited?!!!

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