Cajun Red Rock: Grilled Please!

I forget. I told Phil I wanted to try something different. Different is not the same as something fancy.

Anyway, I saw this joint about a week before we tried it. Usually, I hate American food because it’s deep-fried, bland and dry but Cajun is always something catchy. I suddenly miss Popeye’s Cajun fries, Cajun rice and popcorn shrimp. We ordered a sample platter  from Cajun Red Rock that had chicken, pork and beef. Well, we really didn’t know what to order so a little bit of everything is always the best. We also ordered sweet potato mojos and Cajun rice.

I was a bit disappointed with the Cajun rice because I wanted something flavorful enough by itself. Their’s was a perfect complement to the other items though. The kamote mojos was delightful. The server actually asked us if we still wanted to order it even if it is kamote. That was a little bit weird but as it turns out many people complained that it is not made of potatoes. Of course it is different, but really, I don’t understand why people think that mojos should taste like Shakey’s. The rest were lovely; perfectly cooked meat, well-varied sauces, a little bit of vegetables and a lot of new spices. we brought our leftovers home and had another go that evening. Karlos also enjoyed a portion of it so I’m very satisfied with the serving size.

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