Il Terrazo: Omakase

Rock, Phil and I settled for Omakase at Il Terrazzo because Rock’s grandiose plan of a buffet dinner at Paseo Uno seemed impossible with our measly funds. He did warn us that we have to go there early but we had to wait for Phil to get ready so we got there a bit late. There was a long queue of people waiting to be seated. We were 11th in line so I got to have some time salivating over photography implements at a nearby shop. I did buy a magazine! Haha.

maki with eel+cute omakase menu

We ordered two platters of sashimi, an order of sea urchin and two servings of sake. Rock was true to his word. It is definitely a fresh take on Japanese food. The generous and well varied makimonos were satisfying. It was also my first time to try sea urchin. I thought I’d hate it but I loved it! I find it a bit too rich and I think I would never be able to finish the order by myself but yes, it is something very interesting. I would recommend it if you came as a group. If it’s just the two of you, you may want to think twice whether or not you can manage to finish it without feeling too icky. Phil and I tried the sake and we discovered that it is something that we’ll never like. So rock helped himself to finishing everything after Phil and I had our respective sips.

lovely platter of maki

sea urchin+the other sushi platter

sushi platters cost Php 435 – Php675

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