Techno Hub: Red Kimono

We were planning to try out Kanin Club for my Dad’s birthday but the queue was so long that we had to settle for something else. Phil and I just ate at something Japanese earlier that week but it’s not like we can do anything about it. Anyway, I’m always game for Japanese treats so it’s not that bad.

Sukiyaki (175 pesos) + Tempura (315 pesos) + Ginger Garlic Steak (395 pesos)

I was never really a fan of Sukiyaki or any noodle soup for that matter. It’s just that I find it too filling. Most of the time, I stick to light soup servings so that I can enjoy delights that are richer in taste as compared to meat and vegeteables in a soup bowl. I actually order the same things from a Japanese joint mostly because I want to play it safe (tofu steak, tenderloin steak, sushi and sashimi, tempura, miso soup ). The only time I get adventurous is when I’m not paying. Or go buffet style!

Chicken Kamameshi (160 pesos)+ Spicy Eggplant in Miso Sauce (100 pesos)+Maki Platter (545 pesos)

(The platter includes Cruncy Tuna, Crunchy Ebi, Red Scorpion, Red Monster &Salmon and Cheam Cheese Maki)

It could be my mood but there’s nothing spectacular about all those that I tried except for…

Grilled Miso Chicken with Cucumber Salad Siding (210 pesos)

This dish is perfect! Karlos really is quite lucky in picking out random items from the menu. Each of us begged him for a second helping. I think the secret is in the sauce. But I don’t know, even the chicken is quite tasty. I also love how the cucumber salad made it more refreshing. I’ll be back and that time, I’ll have the whole plate to myself!

Happy Birthday Papa!

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