Noodle Soup Bar

Although the recipe is quite simple, it is time consuming to whip up a make your own noodle soup bar so perhaps it can be saved for a special occasion or when you have extra hands in the kitchen. The ingredients would depend on who it’s for. The soup can either be made of chicken broth or beef broth.  All natural broth would undoubtedly be better than instant broth cubes but if people have no other choice, then it’s understandable. Leeks, celery and whole carrots can also be added to the broth for added flavoring. For vegetarians, they can get more creative with flavorful veggies to make the broth.

Sliced vegetables and spices for the soup can include, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, carrots, sprouts, leeks, green onions , onions, peanuts, ginger and of course sautéed garlic. Other than vegetables, there can also be tofu, sliced hard boiled eggs, cooked beef, chicken, pork, squid and shrimp. I suppose any type of noodles can be used but so far we’ve only tried the flat one and bihon. For the condiment section, there can be chilis, chili oil, calamansi, pepper, salt and fish sauce.

I recommend this because people like different ingredients in their noodle soup. Some would like more vegetables while others think garlic would be enough. At the same time, the vegetables will not end up too soggy. As people would prepare individual bowls, the noodles would not end up absorbing the soup. Lastly, preparing the setup can be a lot of fun! It’s perfect for a heavy breakfast, snacks or rainy days. The leftovers can also be used for stir fried rice experiments the next day.

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