5: Why visit Pancake House?

  • Taco

Believe me when I say that there had been many times when I visited Pancake House to have two orders of tacos for a meal. Its crispy thin shell, spicy meat sauce, light and refreshing veggiebles spell wonders. It might not be the best viand to impress a date with your table manners but surely real food lovers can overlook that mess for a satisfying delight.

  • Pan Chicken

Though my appreciation for pan chicken is recent, it does not mean it pales in comparison to other favorites. The smallest order is 2-piece but a couple can share if they order an extra cup of rice. If they wish to, they can also pair it with a soup and salad combo. I don’t really know what their secret is. It can be the gravy. It can be that crunch or that smoking tender meat. What I do know is that I’ll never be able to whip up anything close to that.

  • Chocolate Milkshake

Even after coffee shops and dessert stations broke like hell in the metro, people just can’t get enough of their classic version. It’s not overly sweet, not overly thick and not as pricey as the others. Maybe that is the reason why Pancake House is still alive and kicking; they have something special for everyone. Theyhave something cheap and somehting pricey in their menu. They have snacks and full meals. They have classic viands and modern twists. Whatever the case is, if you crave for something sweet after the meal, get that milkshake.

  • Spaghetti

I know that I’m left behind but yes, I’ve finally tried their spaghetti not more than week ago. Just when I thought there’s no way I can enjoy the classic spaghetti meat sauce, I had to take it back. I hate the sweetish Filipino blend but this is not exactly sweet. I don’t know if I’m imagining things but I could’ve sworn that this is bittersweet. Is that even possible? Nonetheless, it’s adefinite surprise that I loved something that is so simple.

  • Golden Waffle with Blueberry Syrup

Fresh golden waffle with that whipped butter and any kind of syrup is a dream. Order a light meal and save some space for this delectable dessert. The perfect texture and the contrast of butter and syrup will surely make your breakfast, your lunch or you dinner complete. And why not, you can also share it with friends over coffee. Forget the crowded coffee shops and their expensive desserts, nothing beats the real waffle for coffee chitchats. If you ask me, they should really consider having a Pancake Coffee House variation.

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