5: Hot Bottled Treats for that Extra Kick

For those who cannot get enough of hot and spicy foods, it is not unusual to have stocks of hot sauce and packs of chili powder or flakes. There are other hot alternatives that you might want to consider to buy for your condiments selection if you wish to have more culinary adventures in your kitchen.

  • Chili sauce

This particular bottle, priced at Php100 is from Mann Hann. I believe there are many others but so far, this is the best for its price that I have tried. At home, it can be paired with siomai especially that you can already buy those frozen ones from Fat and Thin. The enjoyment need not end in chinese food. It can also be used to spice up different kinds of soups. Other times, it can be mixed in stir-fry goodies that the kitchen lover experiments with.

  • Franks Chili and Lime

Tangy and spicy, Franks is actually best paired with pizza. It’s a better alternative for people who are not fans of the super hot hot sauce. It can also be used for sandwiches packed with onions, green peppers and cheese. I mean, honestly, do people still dig that heavy thousand island dressing? Surely food enthusiasts can do better other than ketchup and mayo in their sandwiches.

  • Jalapeno

A bottle of whole or sliced jalapenos is about Php200 so people may have second thoughts about buying one. I am the little devil in your shoulder who says go for it. I can think of 101 food items that jalapenos can transform into wild viands. If you want something simple try the tomato, cheese and jalapeno on top of garlic sky flakes. You can even add slices of apple and onions to make it fancier. For cooking masters, jalapenos can be added to the classic recipe of Kaldereta, it is a different kind of spicy and there would be no need to add pickles as it also has tangy tones. For breakfast, cold cuts can use a side salad. I usually just slice tomatoes, green pepper, onions and jalapenos so that we can have a bit of veggies in the morning. whether you prefer rice or bread, some variation is always welcomed for the heaviest meal of the day.

  • Mediterranean hot sauce

More and more started to embrace Mediterranean cuisine so there is no reason why this bottled pleasure cannot be brought home. It’s ideal for grilled meats and sandwiches. Experimental chefs can also have a lot of fun in using it in their nameless specialties.

  • Kimchi

I used to hate kimchi so much but now I crave for it every time I have nilaga. Instead of using toyo and calamansi with sili, try kimchi on the side; the sour and spicy vegetables add a little twist to the classic beef broth. It is cheap and refreshing so it’s no wonder that it’s a staple in Korean cuisine.

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